Libro Aperto Web Site

Libro Aperto Web Site

Creation of the website for “Libro Aperto", a cultural event that takes place in Campania, entirely dedicated to children's literature.
The website of the Festival was developed according to a "one page site" approach and is characterized by playful and naive graphics that refer to the parallel and fantastic reality in which only books and reading are able to give us access.
The site immediately offers a taste of what the mood of the festival will be.
In the theater we find the place and date of the event.
The Festival band describes the event and its mission.

“Books” is the section dedicated to the titles in competition.
“Competition” is the band that describes the rules of the event and the structure of the first edition.
The “Jury” and “Sponsor” sections show respectively the members of the jury with a short bio for each and partner and sponsor of the first edition.
“Blog” is the Festival's magazine with news and articles of interest.
The “Contacts” section contains all the useful information for communicating with the organization, as well as a form to send specific requests or suggestions.
The site features a fully responsive design.


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  • Date: 14 March 2022


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