Rebillo Web site

Rebillo Web site

Design and development of the “Rebillo” website, a new school book cover service, launched by Petrillo Distribuzione Srl.

The website has a lively and playful look & feel thanks to a palette and iconography with rounded shapes that clearly refer to the world of school and, in general, to that of children.
The site was designed according to a "one-page-site" approach. The About Us section provides an overview of the company's reality.
The Covers section contains links to Rebillo's e-commerce showcases, where you can buy school kits or covered books.
The “Numbers” section represents the reality of Rebillo in numbers, while scrolling the page it is possible to view the salient features of the cover system and the collection points available in Italy.
The site features a fully responsive design.


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  • Date: 30 June 2021


Web site

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