Your 5x1000, our future

Your 5x1000, our future

Realisation of 5x1000 campaign for Anffas Salerno Giovanni Caressa Onlus Foundation.

Creation of the communication campaign "Your 5x1000, our future" aimed at promoting the devolution of 5x1000 to subsidise the Foundation's social activities.

The copy of the campaign puts the protagonists in the foreground, namely some boys and girls who, thanks to the Anffas Salerno Giovanni Caressa Onlus Foundation, are building their future.
It was developed with geographical origins in mind. Thus linking the stories of each one to some of the cultural sites in the city of Salerno. In fact, these have always been inseparably linked to the path - even if only emotional - of each of its citizens.

The initiative is promoted on the institution's social accounts and is also the subject of a sponsored ad campaign.


  • Date: 08 May 2024



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