Pergola, funeral agency site

Pergola, funeral agency site

The new Onoranze Funebri Pergola website is the pivot of the new digital communication strategy created by Wave Tribe for the historical funeral agency of Salerno.
The strategy is characterized by 4 key concepts:

  • "History", understood as the historicity of the company but also as a communication approach (storytelling);
  • "Service", that is the desire to make the website not only an institutional showcase, but also a useful resource for those who have to face the funeral practices in a particularly delicate moment;
  • "Social", in the sense of giving space to social initiatives promoted or sponsored by the company;
  • "Salerno", as a link with the territory, an essential element for an agency working in the funeral sector.

The website reflects each of these pillars of the brand's new communication, through specific sections and services, including "Fu Salerno" section, dedicated to the historical characters who left their mark on the history of Salerno.


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  • Date: 08 April 2019


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