Vis Spring 2019

Vis Spring 2019


Design and development of the visual identity for the "Running for Ethiopia" campaign.

The logo is realized in a lettering that shows the name of the campaign, in white and green: the institutional colors of the VIS brand are recalled, to underline the authorship of the initiative.
The letter "i" within the word "Ethiopia" is replaced by a pictogram that reproduces a stylized figure of a young man with a bunch of balloons in his hands. The three balloons recall the colors of the Ethiopian flag: red, white and green.

Design and graphic realization of the solidarity favor catalog of VIS.
According to a storytelling approach, the catalog proposes to document photographically all the work behind the creation of the favors, entirely handmade by the girls of the Don Bosco center of Mekanissa, a neighborhood on the south-western outskirts of Addis Ababa.


Design and development of the creativity for the "5x1000" campaign of VIS.
The campaign has been declined on different media, with the aim of creating a real action kit, which in addition to posters and flyers includes cards to be shared online, via email, social media and whatsapp.


To be continued...






  • Date: 17 June 2019