Rebillo World

Rebillo World


Design and development of the brand identity for the new book cover service “Rebillo".
For the naming of the brand, the agency has formulated a neologism that uniquely identifies the new brand. In "Rebillo" the reference to the world of books is not immediate but can be "discovered" on several levels:
R -E-B-I -L is the opposite of L-I-B-E-R ("book" in Latin)

The suffix B-I-L-L-O refers to "BILLY", name of the well-known IKEA library, as well as a TG1 column dedicated to the world of books.

The naming, with its playful and funny sound, has a strong iconographic potential, lends itself to be associated with fictional characters to be used in brand communication in a storytelling perspective: "RE BILLO" ("the king of books").
The assonance with "Petrillo" reinforces the brand's communication reach.

The logo is realized in a lettering that shows the name of the service, with a pictogram that reproduces a stylized figure of an open book.


  • Date: 29 July 2019