UEV - Unify Electronic Votation

UEV - Unify Electronic Votation

Realization of the logo for UEV (Virtual Electronic Urn - Unify Electronic Voting or Votation): software that allows electronic voting (online, fast, fast) and is aimed at sports federations, associations (cultural and category) and companies.

The pictogram that distinguishes the logo arises from the development of the concept of "vote", graphically represented by the check mark. This symbol in the collective imagination expresses approval, confirmation, security.

The form also recalls the letter "V" present in the naming.

The pictogram was then enclosed within a circle to increase its visibility and make the logo immediately recognizable.
Since we are talking about electronic voting, the colors chosen for the pictogram are green and blue in order to communicate not only the hi-tech side of the service, but also its speed thanks to the use of shades. The combination of these two features gives the pictogram a "feeling of impetum" upwards. The font used is a Sans Serif in its Bold version. This choice stems from the idea of ​​wanting to communicate the importance and reliability of the service. The font was then modified by rounding off some corners of the letters so as to be consistent with the shape of the pictogram.

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  • Date: 18 February 2021