NA.DE snc - eco-sustainable thermo-hydraulics

NA.DE snc - eco-sustainable thermo-hydraulics

Realization of the logo and corporate stationary development (business cards, letterhead) for NA.DE. s.n.c - Eco-sustainable thermohydraulics.
NA.DE s.n.c is a company specialized in materials dedicated to Thermohydraulics. It offers innovative products aimed at saving water and heat without burdening the environmental balance. Eco-sustainability and Innovative Thermohydraulics are the key concepts from which the development of the new visual identity started.

The logo selected is characterized by the presence of a pictogram that arises from the union of three characteristic elements of the world of Renewable Plumbing:

  • FLAME (represents heat and heating)
  • DROP (represents the hydraulic part)
  • LEAF (represents eco-sustainability)

For the lettering, the font that has been chosen communicates the “strength and depth” of the company: a Sans Serif font in its Bold version. To add to the strength and thickness the concept of renewability, eco-sustainability and energy, it was decided to make the font lighter but at the same time impactful, by resizing the spacing and curving all the corners of the letters.

As for the color palette, the choice fell on full and energetic colors.


  • Date: 11 March 2021