Sinfonie in Tavola Visual identity

Sinfonie in Tavola Visual identity

Creation of the logo for Sinfonie in Tavola, an online project that arises from the encounter between traditional Italian cuisine and music and proposes
video recipes, culinary training courses, history of typical local products, events and collaborations with professional chefs, manufacturing companies and entertainment operators.

The logo is characterized by multiple levels of reading. In fact, the lettering is accompanied by two pictograms that reproduce a stylized spoon and a fork. Furthermore, the two elements, when considered together, give life to a stylized vinyl with its stylus.

The musical note within the naming reinforces the idea that music is at the heart of the project.
The color palette reflects the union between music and cuisine, thanks to the presence of orange, a color typically associated with food, and dark gray tending towards blue, associated with the world of music.


  • Date: 05 October 2021