Xmas 2021 for PlanetWatch

Realization of a Christmas video clip for PlanetWatch, a spin off of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), which has developed a global monitoring project of the atmosphere, in order to implement a plan both for environmental protection, fighting pollution, and for protecting public health.
For the communication campaign to be launched in view of Christmas 2021, the Agency has developed a concept that can be summarized in the claim "Not just a Christmas tree". Those who join the PlanetWatch project from now on will not be just a PlanetWatcher, but an actor in a larger project.

PlanetWatch has entered, in fact, into a partnership with Treedom, a digital project that allows you to plant trees remotely and follow the history of the project they will help to implement online.

With the launch of the "Stake for the Planet" initiative, planetwatchers will be able to contribute to the growth of the PW forest: based on the amount of Planet pointed and the duration, it will be possible to become the "keeper" of one or more PlanetWatch trees. You will receive updates on your trees and when all trees have a keeper PW will expand the forest.

The identified concept was conveyed through a video storytelling strategy, playing on the double meaning of the word "tree", as a Christmas tree and as the fulcrum of the initiative on Treedom.



  • Date: 04 January 2022


Video and Event