HerArts website

HerArts website

Design and development of the website of HerArts Association, founded to support and educate film professionals from all over the world, with a special focus on women filmmakers, through labs and film training programs.
The website according to a one-page structure is made up of 6 main strips:
About: is the section that describes how the project was born and its objectives.
Film Labs: in this section there is a brief description of the workshop organized by the association.
Mentors: this section shows the association's mentors with a short bio for each.
Pricing: all the useful information to participate in the workshop are gathered in this paragraph.
Application Form: is the registration form for the event.
Blog: is the magazine section of the site, with articles and news.
Contacts: the "Contacts" section contains all the useful information for communicating with the association, as well as a form to send specific requests.


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  • Date: 11 January 2022


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