Naturgat Web Site

Naturgat Web Site

Design and development of the Naturgat site.
Naturgat does not offer services but works to defend animals from abuse. Its main mission is to educate and inform in order to change society for the better.

The Spanish language website is developed according to a 'one page site' approach, with a navigation bar in the top right-hand corner that is easy to understand and use with a focus on the 'donations' section, a fundamental element of the Naturgat project.
In the 'who we are' section, the idea behind Naturgat is immediately explained.
The 'objectives' section contains information sheets, one for each set objective.
The 'contacts' section contains a form for information or to volunteer. It also presents links to follow Naturgat's pages on the various social network.

The site has an entirely responsive design.

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  • Date: 07 October 2022


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