Francesco Lacerenza Web Site

Francesco Lacerenza Web Site

The site created in the "one page site" mode is simple and intuitive to use.
At first, next to the practitioner's name, we find the navigation bar immediately followed by a photo of Dr. Lacerenza.
This is followed by three contact tabs to immediately communicate hours, visiting locations and emergency numbers.

In the "who I am" section, there is a brief summary of the doctor's curriculum and skills, which are then fully explained in the " services" section.
Special emphasis is given to "3d ultrasound," which deserves its own section.
This is followed by the " they say about him " section with an area reserved for the telling of patients' direct experiences.

Closing the site is a "contacts" section, with a pre-filled form for contacting Dr. Lacerenza, telephone numbers are repeated, and reception locations.

In the " where to visit" section are two maps to identify where his offices are allocated in Salerno and Potenza and the relevant office hours.

The site includes a fully responsive design.

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  • Date: 22 November 2022


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