Chimiplast web site

Chimiplast web site

Design and development of the new website for Chimiplast, a leading manufacturer of liquid household detergents.
The company has been dedicated to the production of detergents since the early 1920s, to which the first trademarks registered by Saponificio date back. The production of solid soap continued until the late 1960s when, from an intuition of Marco D'Arcangelo, the company converted to liquid detergents, a true revolution in the household detergent sector.
All of Chimiplast's areas of activity have visibility within the new website.

The "About Us" section offers an insight into the reality of Chimiplast.
"Products" presents the detergents in the form of a photo gallery with the possibility of access to the fact sheets of the entire product range.
"Blog" is the section dedicated to news and articles of interest.
"About Us" presents the company.
"La Casa dei Libri" is a space dedicated to a social responsibility project devoted to reading.

The 'Contacts' section contains all useful information for communicating with the company, as well as a form for sending specific requests or suggestions.

There is also a 'work with us' area
The site features a fully responsive design.

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  • Date: 05 May 2023


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