Mokalù Unique Web Site

Mokalù Unique Web Site

Design and development of the new website for Mokalù Unique, a new innovative, designer and limited edition moka.
The site, written in two languages (English and Italian), has a strong visual appeal wanting to enhance the features and beauty of the new Italian-made moka.

The "The Sotria" section offers an insight into the history of Mokalù Unique.
"Features and Benefits" lists and describes the special features of the new moka.
"Gallery" offers a roundup of striking images of Mokalù Unique.
"Faq" is the page where every question and query about Mokalù Unique is answered.
"Blog" is the section devoted to news and articles of interest.

"Contact" section contains all useful information for communicating with the organization, as well as a form for sending specific requests or suggestions.
The site includes a fully responsive design.


Click here to view the website.


  • Date: 23 January 2024


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