Bernedoodle Italia logo

Bernedoodle Italia logo

Design and implementation of the Bernedoodle - Italia logo.

"Bernedoodle - Italy" is in fact a trademark for a kennel, and its name represents the name of the breed of dog that will be raised and cared for by the company.

The logo is the result of combining a figurative pictogram with the naming.

The pictogram features the drawing of the Bernedoodle dog in such a way as to make it clear from the outset what type of breeding it is. The design then merges with the letter B of the naming becoming one with it.

The font used has a playful, well-structured feel. The two words "Berne" and "Doodle" are clearly distinguished by the use of two colors: black and light brown (characteristic of Bernedoodle fur).

Closing the logo is the word "ITALY" which serves to emphasize the origin of the breeding.


  • Date: 21 February 2024