The agency has developed a proposal for the new Malta tourism brand identity, creating an Integrated Communication Plan able to comply with the new languages of digital communication not forgetting an "experiential marketing dimension" and the chance to impress and catch the public through traditional communication actions.

The Agency has developed, therefore, its proposal of rebranding starting from the strategic concept of multiplicity and has translated this concept in a logo and a payoff. The Agency has proposed an iconographic logo which consists of a pictogram and a text logotype. The pictogram recalls the gallarijas, the typical closed wooden balconies of Malta, of Arabic tradition. The font used for the text logotype has been designed specifically for the proposal. The color palette is inspired to the paints with which the gallarijas were decorated, but recalls also the vivid colors of the luzzus, the typical Maltese fishing boats, as well as the tradition of glass blowing of Mdina and Valletta.


  • Date: 17 October 2017